The Stories behind the names - Beauty Made Easy

Beauty Made Easy is a Danish brand, founded in 2014 by Terje Munck and her teenage daughter Katrine.Today, the company is partly German owned and exports to over 20 countries.​
We, at Beauty Made Easy have made a decision to be 100% plastic free cosmetic company by 2023.

Beauty for a Cleaner Planet

Our new  cosmetic line – Beauty Made Easy Le Papier - is our first powerful step. As the name goes, it is everything and nothing but – Paper.  
Maybe as one of the first companies in the world, we introduce a whole line of lip products entirely in paper packaging – zero plastic  – biodegradable – vegan – based mainly on natural origin ingredients 

Le Papier is unique, one of a kind, specially made for you and our planet.

We choose the change. We are taking the stand. What about you?

What do you choose?

Did you know?

-- That if we continue with our ways of life, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea in 2050?

 -- That the beauty industry generated over 142 billion units of packaging in 2018, which mostly ended up in either the ocean or landfills. Most of these billions of packaging are not recyclable.  

We are all connected with each other, nature as well as people. Actions in one part of the world influence the other, we can’t just clean up our local environment and hope that the others do the same.

We have to work together, finding the solutions across our diversity and putting aside our differences, and to hope it is not too late ...