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Pairfum London - Organic Bathing Gel & Bath Oil - Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral

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Organic Bathing Gel & Bath Oil - Anti-bacterial | Anti-viral

The 'Foam Bath' re-invented: a luxurious fusion of a bathing gel & bath oil that adds 'bubbles' to bathing with naturals and oils.

Enjoy an indulgent 'Foam Bath' which oozes sensuality and a return to natural innocence.

We so often take for granted our wonderful bodies and don't thank them often enough: always on the go and rarely complaining. When did you last stop for a second to admire the amazing creation that is you and simply said "Thank You".

Reward it with a little extravaganza and enjoy a pampering foam bath à la PAIRFUM, with an Organic Bathing Gel & Bath Oil, a combination that is also naturally anti-bacterial & anti-viral.

This gentle, non-greasy bathing gel combines a foam bath with a bathing oil, rich in essential oils to moisturise your skin while you bathe. One of the secrets behind this luxurious product is that as you immerse your body in a warm relaxing bath, your skin immediately begins to absorb this super light formulation for wonderfully soft & healthy skin!

Use on bodies in need of some extra love and attention to leave your skin silky smooth, pampered, and gently fragrant. Leaves the skin feeling hydrated without oily residue.

Soak away your stresses and strains with this wonderful bubble bath.

What makes this product so special?

PAIRFUM's Organic Bathing Gel & Bath Oil has been developed to keep your skin healthy. This is probably the best organic foam bath available today and it may also be used as a shower gel.

We all know that when we look good we also feel good, making it important that we are healthy both inside and out.

A healthy body requires a healthy mind. This is where the beautifully fragrant essential oils in this wash come into play. Using this bathing gel will leave you feeling relaxed, de-stressed, and pampered.

Combine our organic bathing gel & bath oil with our Prebiotic Organic Body Lotion which contains Vital skin nutrients. This perfect duo provides gentle cleansing followed by a luxurious moisture boost.

Envelope yourself with our beautifully scented essential oils.

Product Highlights

Luxurious, organic foam bath & bath oil for bodies in need of some serious pampering:

  • naturally anti-bacterial & anti-viral
  • gently cleanses with a creamy, rich foam
  • created using organic ingredients
  • rich in organic oils to re-hydrate and deeply moisturise
  • a beautifully complex fragrance with essential oils
  • carefully crafted with passion and skill by Artisans in our atelier in the UK
  • use as a foam bath, bubble bath, shower gel, or foaming bath gel
  • leaves your skin wonderfully but lightly scented
  • contents: 250 ml

Natural actives and antioxidants to improve skin texture when washing your bodies

  • remove dead cells during the wash through gentle, natural exfoliation
  • help the skin to repair itself and fortify its blood vessels
  • reducing melanin production. Melanin is one of the causes of skin blemishes.
  • loosens damaged layers of skin to bring out healthy skin underneath and improve skin complexion

Make this product part of your pro-active daily skincare regime for beautiful healthy skin.

Ingredient highlights:

  • free from any ingredients that negatively affect your skin's health, e.g. colourants, solvents, ...
  • free from synthetic ingredients that adhere to your skin
  • check the tab 'free from' for further details of excluded unhealthy ingredients

Healthy & eco-friendly skincare for your family. Break out the Bubbles!

How Should I Use It?

Run a bath of warm water that will be both relaxing and comforting but not too hot. Next, pour a generous amount of the bathing gel & bath oil into your bath water and mix for a gentle foam. Last, enter this relaxing haven and drift off while your body unwinds and recharges. This eco-chique organic foam bath is full of gentle goodness and easy to enjoy.

When using it as a shower and bath gel, rinse your body and then pour a small quantity into your hands. Now gently begin to massage it into your skin and work up a luxuriously rich, creamy lather. This is how you will come to enjoy the full benefits of the product: you are massaging the organic oils into your skin. Lastly, when rinsing off the shower and bath gel, watch how the water lightly pearls off your skin.

Enjoy the feeling of a clean, healthy, and gently fragranced body.

What Ingredients Does It Contain?

We should really re-phrase this question by asking which ingredients do this foaming foam bath & bath oil not contain. The product is designed to keep your skin healthy which is why we exclude any ingredients that may have a negative effect making it one of the best skincare products available.

It is reassuring to know that the ingredients contained in this product are organic, natural, and healthy.

We care about the people you give this wash to, they will know you care about them and their world too.

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