The stories behind the names - Dr Botanicals

The stories behind the names - Dr Botanicals

Dr Botanicals - The Clean Beauty People

Dr Botanicals is the indie beauty brand from London, England. We are natural beauty junkies, we love everything about fruits, plants, and vegetables. Ethically made, never tested on animals, and always 100% Vegan friendly. Our formulations harness natures goodness, energy, and vitamins. Our journey began when we set out to make vegan skincare that would consistently deliver results for you.

A Minority Owned Business

As a proudly LGBT owned brand, we are really proud to celebrate diversity. Every person that picks up one of our products joins our family. When you are using skincare from our company, we want you to know that we celebrate diversity. A for a small family company, we constantly try and celebrate our teams unique backgrounds.

We are proud to support BLM, Empowering Women, the LGBTQIA community and Acceptance.

Our philosophy is:

Vegan & Natural Skincare = Results

Vegan & Natural Skincare = Skincare for everyone

Our story:

In 2012 our sister company was making chemically based skincare, using treatments like collagen, and retinol. We had a request from an articulate, beautiful young woman who wanted natural skincare. It was one of those times that if you believe in the power of the universe, things just came together. Our team was young and excited, eager to try new things and within an astonishingly short period of time. Dr Botanicals was born and customers were buying this new brand of fantastic skincare. All delivering results.

That young lady asked us if she could have natural skincare, that would give her the same results as her friends were getting.

She asked for:

  • vegan friendly skincare
  • eco packaging
  • no animal testing 

We said we can also deliver results.

Our 2025 Promise

At Dr Botanicals we are on a mission to be carbon free by the year 2025. And to use only recycled products in our packaging by 2023. We proudly only source products from partners we trust. As a company we love the team at the Environmental Working Group, the American Activist organisation championing the cause for brands who are toxic chemical free.

As a natural skincare brand, our promise is to constantly challenge ourselves to make sure we continue to be toxic free.