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Lovely bath salts

Smelt amazing and left my skin feeling nice and hydrated. Would highly recommend.

Natural bath soap bag

Really good quality and 100% biodegradable

Lime body scrub

Excellent quality Leaves skin soft and smelling great and All natural

Kale moisturiser

Excellent 👌 I tried a couple included hemp and grapefruit and they are wonderful really good no greasy left over residue

Earl grey

Lovely taste I am an experienced earl drinker and this is one of the best I have tasted it's lovely fresh different hints in there overall great strong flavour


Excellent coat. Fits well, definitely water proof and warm. Delivery was quick too.

It works

This is one of my favourites deodorants. I went through few natural ones but the scent is a big issue to me and I couldn’t find anything working….until this one! I like how fresh it is. And it doesn’t leave weird scent on clothes or marks. And easy to apply as the design of the jar was thought through. I will be ordering more!

Get it

It works. After 3 weeks of holiday camping I was in urgent need of replenishing my dry skin. I cover myself in it from head to toe 2x a week and results are really good (in the meantime I use light moisturiser). It helped/helps me to come back to soft me and it smells great. I use it when I don’t rush only so the butter has a chance to sink in my skin. Treat. Highly recommend


Great idea for washing&exfoliating. 2 in 1 which is a good idea when I am getting lazy. I can scrub myself nicely without any effort. And it is much more difficult to drop it. Yes all around


Cute, little heart I keep in a jar… the only heart I keep in a jar. Makes my hands soft and lovely smelling, and yes, it cleanse too.

Good deep clean

I used it for my face and breast, and bum. It helps to clean my prone to breaks skin on my face and leaves it soft and refreshed. Same to other body parts…my bum feels sparkly after it!

A Bag for my Essentials at hand

The troop bags provide a perfect hold-all for all my essential equipment. Perfect Size Stylish & @ an Affordable Price.

Really nice little soap

I have the coconut one and it smells lovely. It contains glycerin so leaves your skin feeling moisturised, so I often use it at night and then don't moisturise on top, to give my skin a chance to breathe without drying out.

Perfect Tee for this ecologist!

As soon as I saw this t-shirt on EJB's Instagram I wanted it - so much so that I couldn't choose a colour and had to buy two! It's a flattering cut and fits nicely, and got worn for the first time at Big Foot Festival (along with my 'protect everyone' facemask). I haven't had it long enough to know how long the design print will last, but I'm really happy with both colours and there has been no fading of the colour or design so far (c. 10 washes). May still come back for other colours!

Great soap

I've had a couple of these and really love them. They look good, smell good, and feel really nice on your skin. Would highly recommend.

Lovely lip balm

I love this lip balm - it's really rich and has a gorgeous chocolate smell and taste!

Brilliant exfoliator

Love this sisal bag. Works with any soap and provides brilliant exfoliation. Would highly recommend.

Luxurious little soap

This soap is really luxurious and creamy, and it smells great too!

Set of 6 Mixed Love Heart Bath Bombs - 70g Each
Claire Colvine
Smell gorgeous!

Gorgeous smelling bath bomb! Lots of fizz when you drop it in and disperses nicely in the water. Fills the bathroom with a beautiful aroma.

Beautiful soaps

I love these soaps and have tried a few over the last year or two. The current one in my soap dish is the orange variety, which looks great and smells gorgeous. They're a good size too so last for ages. Would highly recommend.

Comfy mask

I wore this mask to the hairdressers for two and a half hours and it is the comfiest I have had yet! The elastic isn't too tight and the material is think and soft. Would highly recommend.

Handy baskets

I was looking for some baskets to store some toiletries in my bathroom and these fit the bill perfectly.

Harrington Jacket

Great service , great jacket my husband loves it

Brilliant candle

I love the look of this candle and it goes nicely on my coffee table. The smell is gorgeous as well, would highly recommend.

Really nice brush

I bought this to replace my last brush which had plastic bobbles on the end of the pins, which had come off really quickly leaving the brush unusable. This brush is lovely, really comfortable on the scalp, and doesn't 'tear' at my hair, which is really thick. Definitely recommend