The stories behind the names - Ancient Wisdom

The stories behind the names - Ancient Wisdom

Year 1995

In the beginning Ancient Wisdom was a small chain of gift shops with outlets in Sheffield and Derbyshire.  In response to customer demand a ranges of original aromatherapy products were developed. These products proved to be so successful that other retailers began to ask for supplies. 


Over the years the aromatherapy concept has been expanded to include a large range of giftware products including candles, crystals and incense. We now stock approaching 10,000 product lines, importing from India, Indonesia, Nepal and China supply the gift trade throughout Europe. 


Operating from a modern 30,000 sq ft distribution warehouse in Sheffield we are rapidly adding to our product ranges with the intention of supplying everything a gift shop needs.


Why the name “Ancient Wisdom”?

 Well it all happened about 6000 years ago... Folklore increasingly backed up by archaeology tells us that mankind was far from primitive in so called primitive times. The development of civilizations and wisdom has by no means been in a steady upward direction. Stonehenge and the pyramids are substantial examples of how an ancient culture could be in advance of its descendants.

The world of aromatherapy, the mysterious properties of plants and trees, is an area in which the ancients clearly knew more than we do today. The source of this Ancient Wisdom is a matter for great debate amongst academics and theologians. Was it divine, before the flood, from the Nephilim (a mythical race of sons of God) or from aliens?
The fact is great wisdom was found and lost in a relatively short period probably about 6000 years ago.

More seriously...
The growing interest in aromatherapy seems to be not unconnected to the increasing interest in all things ancient and spiritual.  Most people consider themselves to have a deeper gentler side.  A side that likes to create a warm and welcoming home environment, to burn candles and indulge and enjoy delightful fragrances.

The Ancient Wisdom concept aims to in someway to satisfy this most basic of human need.


1. Testing on animals

We are passionate about gifts, but much more about animals. We condemn any act of cruelty, for that reason.


2. Child labour in developing nations

We always do our best to ascertain whether a company is likely to be using child labour as cheap or slave labour and steer well clear.


3. Fair Trade

 We spend up to six months a year traveling  in India, Indonesia, Nepal and China seeking out new product lines and trying to fulfill our customers wish lists.

 We visit suppliers not only to do deals but also to see for ourselves how well staff and subcontractors are treated. We have on more than one occasion had to cancel orders because it seemed staff were being exploited.

 The way it works in India is that goods for export are priced higher than goods for domestic sale (in India) - which means that exporting companies should be able to provide better conditions and pay for their staff (and a better quality product).
 We are happy to work within this system provided that we can see the benefits. This is our version of Fair Trade.


4. Ecological, Recyclable and sustainable products

We have a wide range of products, so it would be impossible to have only organic and recycled products, but we always give more value to these when it comes to introducing new products. We always seek, as a minimum, that raw materials are sustainable.


A note about the AW Freedom Foundation

The idea is to give a small portion of each item sold here, directly back to the workers who make that same product. For example 10p of the sale of a package of incense in the UK, can go directly to the packager of this incense in Bangalore (India). You can see how only 10p can do incredible things ifor n workers with such humble salaries, an authentic hope of freedom, that's why we call it freedom foundation.  AW-