The stories behind the names - ecojiko

The stories behind the names - ecojiko

We are a small family business living in the countryside of northern England. We love nothing more than roaming through fields, foraging, muddying our boots and cooking for our friends and family.

Influenced by our love of nature, we wanted to create a range of everyday products that were both natural and gorgeous to look at. We became tired with the constant use of plastic in the home, the endless non-recyclable waste it produces and its negative effects on the environment. And so, ecojiko was born.

why ecojiko?

eco dish brush set

Our family uses ecojiko on a daily basis to scrub and clean our home. We guarantee that only natural fibres and materials are used so that you can trust that your ecojiko purchase is biodegradable or recyclable, environmentally friendly and of the highest quality. 

Plastic sponges and microfibre cloths are known to leave traces of microplastics in our water system that will take hundreds of years to biodegrade. These microplastics can be inadvertently digested by sea life, damaging or destroying aquatic creatures, while ending up back in our food chain.

At ecojiko, all of our products are made from natural materials that biodegrade easily.

our packaging

All of our boxes can be recycled in your paper recycling box. Our postage bags are made from recycled plastic and can be placed in your compost bin: they will biodegrade within 12 months.